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Electric Vehicle / Tesla Repair

We’re seeing more and more folks making the switch to electric or hybrid vehicles, and for good reason! Not only do these eco-friendly rides produce fewer emissions, but they also put some extra cash back in your pocket thanks to savings on gas.

So, what sets electric vehicles apart? Well, they’re powered by electricity, of course. Instead of running on gas, they rely on electric motors and battery packs to keep things moving. That’s where we come in!

At McCormick Quality Tires and Lube, we’re your go-to experts for all things electric car-related. From hybrid services to top-notch Tesla repairs, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into what makes our service suite so special!

Expert Electrical Car Mechanics

Our mechanics look at every car and truck that rolls into our shop as if it were our mom’s. We don’t just bring it in, put it up on the lift and get down to business.

Expert Electrical Car Care Mechanic in Fort Collins, CO

Just like any car, electric vehicles need a little love and attention to keep them running smoothly. Here are some common issues we see and how we can help:

  • Bad Batteries: Electrical vehicle batteries can go the distance, but over time, they might need a little boost.. When they start to lose their charge, the car will experience a reduction in performance and range. If you notice your car losing its spark, we can step in to recondition or replace the battery, so you’re back to full power in no time!

  • Braking System: Did you know your braking system does more than just stop your car? It’s also busy converting all that kinetic energy into electricity! If your brake pads are feeling a bit worn, don’t worry, we’ll make sure everything’s running as smoothly as possible.

  • Electric Mechanics: Electric vehicles are all about saving you money on gas, but they need a little TLC too! Our expert team can perform all sorts of testing and repairs to keep your EV running like a dream while keeping those gas expenses in check.

So, whether you’re zipping around Fort Collins or cruising through the beautiful scenery of Northern Colorado, McCormick’s is here to keep your electric vehicle running at its best. We’re your go-to choice for all your EV repair needs.

Experienced Hybrid Mechanics

Here at McCormick Quality Tires and Lube, we’re not just about regular cars – we know hybrids too!

Hybrid vehicles are like the best of both worlds, running on electric power until it’s time to switch over to gasoline. It’s a delicate balance, but our team knows just how to keep everything humming along smoothly.

From alternator hiccups to the occasional overheating spell, hybrids can face their fair share of challenges. But fear not! Whether it’s a traditional car issue or an electric car conundrum, we’ve got the expertise and tools to handle it all with a smile. So if your hybrid needs a little TLC, you know who to call!

Why Visit Our EV Repair Shop

McCormick Quality Tires and Lube is a preferred option for Fort Collins residents who find themselves searching “EV repair shop near me”. Here’s why we’re the go-to choice for electric vehicle owners like you:

  • The Best Electric Vehicle Servicing: When you bring your electric vehicle to us, you’re not just getting repairs – you’re getting top-notch service with a smile. We’re all about convenience and making sure you’re back on the road in no time. Plus, our repairs come with a generous 5-year/60,000-mile warranty, so you can drive with peace of mind.

  • Highly Trained Technicians: Our highly trained staff is always staying on top of training and skills testing to ensure they are familiar with the latest EV repair trends, techniques, and technology. You can trust that we know our stuff.

  • Affordable Repair: We know Teslas and other EV’s can be a bit pricey to fix, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a battery replacement or any other electric auto repair, we offer affordable pricing without sacrificing quality.

  • Fully Equipped Electric Auto Repair: From the latest tools to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, we’ve got everything we need to get the job done right. You can count on us to have your electric vehicle back in tip-top shape in no time, with almost any make or model.

  • Tesla Programmable Key: No need to leave your cell phone with us while we work on your Tesla, we’ve got just the thing! The Tesla key we have on site can be programmed to any Tesla in 30 seconds.


McCormick’s is here to help whether you’re driving a Tesla or any other electric car. Come see us for all your electric auto repair needs – we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

Trust McCormick Quality Tires and Lube for Your EV Repair

At McCormick’s, we’re not just another car repair shop – we’re your friendly neighborhood experts who treat you like part of the family!

We believe in being upfront and honest with our customers, just like we would with our own loved ones. That’s why we offer transparent pricing and a clear explanation of why repairs are necessary. Because when you understand what’s going on with your car, you can make the best decisions for your wallet and your ride.

And hey, we’re not just about fixing cars – we’re also passionate about staying ahead of the curve in environmental technology. Our skilled mechanics are always brushing up on the latest EV repair techniques, so you can trust that your electric vehicle is in good hands with us.

Tesla Maintenance Schedule

Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y
Brake Fluid Check Every 2 years. Every 2 years. Every 2 years. Every 2 years.
Brake Fluid Flush When brake fluid check shows replacement needed. When brake fluid check shows replacement needed. When brake fluid check shows replacement needed. When brake fluid check shows replacement needed.
A/C Desiccant Bag Replacement Every 2 years. Every 6 years. Every 4 years. Every 4 years.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement Every 2 years in the US. Every 2 years in the US. Every 2 years in the US.
HEPA Filter Replacement Every 3 years in the US. Every 3 years in the US.
Wheel Alignment Check If tires wear unevenly or pulling while driving. If tires wear unevenly or pulling while driving. If tires wear unevenly or pulling while driving. If tires wear unevenly or pulling while driving.
Brake Calipers Clean and lubricate annually in cold regions. Clean and lubricate annually in cold regions. Clean and lubricate annually in cold regions. Clean and lubricate annually in cold regions.


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